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Aluminium 2017 Bars

Aluminium 2017 Bars are an alloy of aluminium, copper and magnesium. These bars possess excellent machinability, good strength and corrosion-resistant properties. Moreover, adding 3% copper to aluminium boosts its mechanical strength even at high temperatures. Aluminium 2017 has thermal conductivity three times more than normal Aluminium alloys, making it an ideal material for industrial applications such as aircraft components and automotive parts where heat dissipation is a concern.

Aluminium 2017 Bars are used in various applications due to their lightweight and strong properties. These bars have good weldability, high corrosion resistance, excellent machinability, superb thermal and electrical conductivity and great formability. They also offer a combination of mechanical strength with ease of fabrication (forming), making them an ideal material for many industrial applications such as aerospace components, shipbuilding industry parts, automotive frames, etc. Additionally, Aluminium 2017 Bars offer excellent wear resistance, making them useful, especially for manufacturing military equipment.

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