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Aluminium 2017 Sheet

Aluminium 2017 sheet is an alloy of aluminium, copper and other elements. It has excellent mechanical properties such as high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance and good formability. This alloy also exhibits excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Due to its strong yet lightweight nature, this material is commonly used in the aerospace industry for aircraft components. It can reduce fuel consumption by reducing the weight of the plane’s body structure. Due to its formability property, this material is also used for making car bodies and electrical wiring tasks.

Aluminium 2017 sheet is a high-strength alloy alloyed with copper and magnesium. It has excellent mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, formability, and weldability and exhibits good corrosion resistance in most environments. Its uses range from automotive components to appliances, aircraft to building materials, marine applications to medical equipment fabrication. Depending on the temperature chosen, it can also be used for forging operations due to its increased strength at elevated temperatures. Additionally, it is often used to make high-quality cookware due to its ability to distribute heat evenly while conforming easily during manufacturing.

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