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Aluminium 2024 Bars

Aluminium 2024 Bars are a hard alloy of aluminium with copper added for strength and structural stability. They generally come in weldable T4 temper due to their high tensile strength (as much as 500MPa). The main composition consists of Cu 4.5-6%, Mg 1-1.5% and Mn 0.20 - 0.8%. Although heat-treatable, they are usually not annealed due to their good fatigue properties, even in the T4 state.

Aluminium 2024 Bars are known for their great strength and durability. The alloy is a product of copper and manganese, making it extremely corrosion-resistant. It has exceptional fatigue resistance, high tensile strength, good machinability, excellent weldability, and outstanding toughness in cryogenic conditions. Additionally, Aluminium 2024 Bars have superior wear resistance and high electrical conductivity. These bars can be used for numerous applications, such as aircraft structures (fuselage frames), drive shaft components for engine turbines or pumps, sporting goods (golf clubs) or yacht parts.

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