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Aluminium 2024 Sheet

Aluminium 2024 sheet is an alloy that can be used for structural components in aircraft and other high-strength applications. It contains copper, manganese, magnesium and silicon as its major alloying elements. The combination of these materials gives it superior strength and good fatigue resistivity, making it suitable for aerospace structures like fuselages and wings. It has a high corrosion resistance to seawater, making it ideal for marine applications such as boats and ships.

Aluminium 2024 Sheet is a heat-treatable aluminium alloy with high strength and good fatigue resistance. It can be used in applications that require greater strength than the 1100 series aluminium, such as aircraft structures, truck wheels, bolt products, and rivets. It has excellent corrosion resistance in normal atmospheric and acidic or alkaline environments. Its good machinability and welding properties make it suitable for various industrial applications such as electronic chassis components, motorsport parts, automotive components, aerospace structures, airframes & fuselage frames, radiators, etc. It is also widely used in industrial fields such as shipbuilding and construction.

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