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Do you know what aluminium 2024 tubing is? If not then get full details about it here! Aluminium 2024 tubing is known for its utilization in the aircraft industry. It is an alloy having excellent strength and good machinability. It offers low level of resistance to corrosion and machined to give a high finish.

This alloy got unique chemical composition of aluminium, manganese, magnesium and copper. Also, utilization of this alloy is done various industries like- Commercial as well as military aircraft, Shear webs & ribs, Crew machine products, Truck wheels, Rivets, Scientific instruments.

There are several suppliers as well as manufacturers who manufacture this alloy in various forms like the sheet, pates and bars but here we have talked about tubing made from this alloy. The standards are as per the AMS, ASTM, QQ, SAE, etc. These tubing are packed as per the demands of the customers and marked with details like certificate, test, grades, etc. tubing and pipe of this grade are mainly manufactured in the form of round, rectangle and square, as per the needs of the customers.

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