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Aluminium 5005 Pipes

Aluminium 5005 is an aluminium-magnesium alloy with low density and excellent corrosion resistance. Its composition is 97.5% minimum aluminium, 0.20% maximum magnesium, 0.50% maximum iron, 0.40-1.00% manganese, 0.10% maximum zinc and remaining balance as other elements including silicon and copper in trace amounts. It can be welded using various techniques, such as gas tungsten arc welding or resistance welding, to form lightweight yet strong pipes for use in automotive parts and other applications requiring a durable material that resists rusting or corrosion from the environment around it over long periods.


Aluminium 5005 pipes are known for their excellent mechanical properties, weldability, and formability. With exceptional corrosion resistance, the alloy is an ideal choice for marine applications and chemical processing plants. It also has great thermal conductivity, making it suitable for heat exchangers and radiators. Furthermore, the pipes are popularly used in architectural structures like handrails or trims due to their malleable structure, which can be easily formed into shapes. All these features make Aluminium 5005 pipes a great choice for various projects across industries.

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