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Aluminium 5005 Wires

Aluminium 5005 Wires are a special grade of aluminium alloy, composed of 92.7 - 96% aluminium along with 1-2% magnesium and 0.20 - 0.6% manganese for strength and flexibility. It is widely used in numerous applications such as architecture, marine vessels, kitchenware, chemical equipment, and for other reinforced structural parts because it is lightweight yet strong enough to be held up against extreme conditions. The material can also be easily machined or welded for further customization as needed.


Aluminium 5005 wires are a popular, corrosion-resistant alloy with strong weldability and excellent formability. The alloy is also lightweight and can be used for electrical wiring, cable shielding, and various welding projects. Its high electrical conductivity makes it ideal for applications such as antennae wire, automotive spark plug leads, and battery cables. Additionally, its anti-corrosion properties make it suitable for being used outdoors.

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