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Aluminium 5052 Wires

Aluminium 5052 Wires are high-grade aluminium alloy wires comprising 95% aluminium, 2.2-2.8% magnesium, and the remaining 0.15-0.35%, a combination of chromium, iron, silicon and other elements. The corrosion resistance properties of 5052 Aluminium Wires make them suitable for various applications such as in making parts for ships, automobiles, etc., as well as in producing items such as wire mesh and pressure vessels, to name a few uses. In addition, they are also popularly used for building wires, which helps make them an ideal choice for industrial use.

Aluminium 5052 wires are widely used for aircraft, buildings and marine applications due to their high corrosion resistance, formability, superior weldability and strength. It also offers good electrical conductivity while remaining lightweight. The alloy can be anodized in different colours, such as blue, purple and green, providing a decorative finish, making it ideal for decoration. Additionally, Aluminium 5052 Wires offer excellent thermal properties suitable for cryogenic applications.

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