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Aluminium 5082 Bars

Aluminium 5082 is a high-strength and excellent corrosion resistance wrought aluminium alloy. Its excellent welding properties make it widely used to construct structures such as ship hulls, marine equipment, offshore platforms, pressure vessels and pipelines. Its composition includes magnesium (3-4%), copper (1%), manganese (0.5-1%), iron(<0.15%), zirconium (< 0.2%), silicon (<0.25%​) and titanium 0-.15), chromium (< 0.2%).


Aluminium 5082 bars are widely used in the construction of marine, transportation, and food processing industries due to their excellent properties. These bars are known for their corrosion resistance, formability, weldability, strength-to-weight ratio, and superior electrical conductivity. They also provide superior machinability compared to other aluminium alloys with higher ductility. Additionally, they can be anodized and have strong bonds when combined with adhesives or solvents, making them perfect for many applications.

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