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Aluminium 5082 Forging

Aluminium 5082 forging is an alloy composed of 95.6% aluminium, 2.8-3.9% magnesium, 0.7-1.2 copper and no more than 0.15 iron and silicon combined for a total of 1%. Its excellent weldability characteristics make it ideal for various architectural applications such as frames, trusses and structural components where strength and corrosion resistance are desired. It also offers good corrosion resistance in marine environments, making it great for various marine applications, including propeller blades, pontoons, and logs for ship hulls due to its high tensile strength coupled with low weight advantage when compared to other metals such as steel or Bronze alloys.


Aluminium 5082 Forgings have a high strength-to-weight ratio and resist corrosion in most environments. It suits automotive, marine, aerospace, construction and industrial equipment components. Its superior properties make Aluminium 5082 Forgings ideal for manufacturing parts exposed to extreme pressure or stress. They are also used for welding components with reduced risk of cracking due to their thermal expansion characteristics, resulting in better fitting joints than other materials.

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