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Aluminium 5082 Wires

Aluminium 5082 Wires are made up of alloyed aluminium and magnesium. It has the highest strength in the non-heat treatable alloys. This makes it ideal for fabrication, welding and corrosion resistance. The composition contains 99% aluminium with 4.5-6%Magnesium, 0.3-1%Manganese, less than 0.5%Chromium and insignificant amounts of Silicon, Iron and Copper, making it suitable for extrusion/drawing operations as well as providing good mechanical properties at low temperatures.


Aluminium 5082 Wires offer a combination of properties, including high electrical and thermal conductivity, strength-to-weight ratio, durability, corrosion resistance, and malleability. This makes them ideal for wiring applications in harsh environments such as aerospace or automotive industries. They are also used for jewellery making due to their aesthetic qualities and ability to resist tarnishing over time. These features make it possible for engineers and designers alike to craft solutions that meet both performance goals and design objectives.

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