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Aluminium 5083 forged fittings are composed of 96.6% aluminium, 4.1% magnesium, and 0.3% manganese, as well as trace amounts of chromium and iron. This combination provides superior corrosion resistance in acidic or alkaline environments, along with increased strength and durability when compared to other complementary alloys such as aluminium 5082. These properties make it the ideal choice for forging applications that require resistance to temperature extremes, such as food industry machinery, automotive components, shipbuilding components, and more.

Aluminium Grade 5083 forged fittings offer superior strength and corrosion resistance for a variety of applications. Thanks to its excellent properties, such as a high strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional weldability, it is often used in high-pressure applications such as shipbuilding components, automotive parts, industrial furnaces, food processing machinery, and more. Additionally, it is highly resistant to temperature extremes and provides excellent resistance to both acidic and alkaline environments. Thanks to its fatigue strength, it can be used in places where durability is crucial including fuel tanks, electrical conduits, and transmission lines.

FAQ's for Aluminium 5083 Forged Fittings

Here are some of the key physical properties of Aluminum 5083 forged fittings:

  • Density: 2.68 g/cm³ (0.0975 lb/in³)
  • Melting Point: 572°F (300°C)
  • Tensile Strength: 45000 psi (310 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 32000 psi (220 MPa)
  • Elongation at Break: 12%
  • Modulus of Elasticity: 69 GPa (10 x 106 psi)
  • Thermal Expansion: 24.3 x 10^-6/°F (13.5 x 10^-6/°C)
  • Thermal Conductivity: 167 W/m-K
  • Electrical Conductivity: 40% IACS

In addition to the physical properties I mentioned earlier, Aluminum 5083 forged fittings also have several important mechanical properties. Here are a few key mechanical properties of the alloy:

  • Ultimate Tensile Strength: 45 ksi (310 MPa)
  • Yield Strength: 32 ksi (220 MPa)
  • Elongation at Break: 12%
  • Fatigue Strength: 22 ksi (152 MPa)
  • Hardness: 95-105 Rockwell B

Yes, Aluminum 5083 forged fittings are highly corrosion resistant. The alloy contains high amounts of magnesium and manganese which provide excellent resistance to both marine and industrial environments. The alloy also possesses good resistance to stress-corrosion cracking, making it an excellent choice for applications that involve high stress and exposure to corrosive elements.

In marine environments, aluminum 5083 has excellent resistance to saltwater corrosion, making it a popular choice for marine applications such as shipbuilding, marine structures, and offshore oil and gas equipment. The alloy also resists corrosion caused by other marine atmospheres, such as those containing sulfur compounds and hydrogen sulfide.

The Price Range For Aluminum 5083 forged fittings Products Is ₹190 To ₹250 Per Kilogram.

European Standard - AW-AlMg4,5Mn0,7

WNr - 3.3547

UNS - A95083


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