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Aluminium 5083 pipe fittings are composed of 96.6% aluminium, 4.1% magnesium, and 0.3% manganese, as well as trace amounts of chromium and iron. This combination provides superior corrosion resistance in acidic or alkaline environments, along with increased strength and durability when compared to other complementary alloys such as aluminium 5082. These properties make it the ideal choice for pipe fittings that require resistance to temperature extremes, such as food industry machinery, automotive components, shipbuilding components, and more.

Aluminium 5083 Welded pipe fittings offer superior strength and corrosion resistance for a variety of applications. Thanks to its excellent properties, such as its high strength-to-weight ratio and exceptional weldability, it is often used in high-pressure applications such as shipbuilding components, automotive parts, industrial furnaces, food processing machinery, and more. Additionally, these pipe fittings are highly resistant to temperature extremes and provide excellent resistance to both acidic and alkaline environments. Furthermore, its fatigue strength makes it the perfect choice for fuel tanks, electrical conduits, and transmission lines where durability is paramount.

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