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Aluminium 5083 Seamless Fittings Pipe Fittings is an alloy that combines the elements aluminium, magnesium, manganese and chromium. Aluminium is the main component making up more than 95%, while magnesium makes up around 4.5%. The other trace elements of manganese and chromium, which comprise approximately 0.45 - 0.15%, provide additional strength to this alloy. These proportions offer corrosion-resistant properties, great strength at elevated temperatures and ductility at cold temperatures. This makes it an ideal choice for various applications, including parts of ships and boats, pressure vessels, armour plates and oil rigs.

5083 Aluminium Seamless Fittings Pipe Fittings offer various applications due to their excellent mechanical properties. They can be used in industries such as the food, medical, petrochemical, ducting, and automotive sectors. These fittings are handy when processing fluids such as gas, water and fluid transfer because they have low tensions and consist of corrosion resistance. The material has high-temperature strength of up to maximum temperatures of 500°F and is highly resilient when exposed to corrosive agents such as nitric acid or seawater. The aluminium alloy 5083 offers a higher tensile strength than other softer alloys, which makes these fittings particularly suited for withstanding pressure in marine or chemical plants. With their lightweight nature, these fittings are perfect for jobs where weight is an issue, like a boat application. Generally speaking, Aluminium 5083 offers durable performance and reliable service even in the harshest conditions making it one of the ideal metal solutions available today.

FAQ's for Aluminium 5083 Seamless Fittings Pipe Fittings

Aluminium 5083 Seamless Fittings Pipe Fittings are available in a range of sizes, from 1/8" NPS to 24" NPS. The fittings can also be made in custom dimensions upon request.

Aluminium 5083 Seamless Fitting Pipe Fittings are used in a wide range of applications, including plumbing, HVAC systems, and industrial piping. They are suitable for use in low-pressure applications such as water lines and airlines.

The Price Range For Aluminium 5083 Seamless Fittings Pipe Fittings Products Is ₹200 To ₹300 Per Kilogram.

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