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Aluminium 5086 tube is an aluminium alloy with a high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for many applications. It contains high amounts of magnesium (3% - 4.5%) and manganese (.5% - 1%) and lesser amounts of silicon, titanium, chromium, iron, zinc, and other alloying elements. The combination of these elements creates an exceptionally strong but lightweight material that is resistant to water damage and can tolerate extreme temperatures without losing its integrity. The aluminium 5086 tube is a highly dependable product used in numerous industries for components that need superior strength and durability.

Al 5086 tube is a highly versatile alloy widely used in numerous industries due to its strong yet lightweight properties. Primarily, Aluminium 5086 is chosen for its exceptional corrosion resistance - it is commonly used in creating marine components, storage tanks and transportation systems exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Beyond this, the Aluminium 5086 tube is a fantastic choice for structural components like extrusions, frame systems and sporting goods. With an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, weldability characteristics and machinability capabilities, it possesses superior forming qualities compared to other alloys. Thus manufacturing parts with complex shapes from Aluminium 5086 tube is much simpler than other metals.

FAQ's for Aluminium 5086 Tubing

Some of the typical physical properties of 5086 aluminum tubing are: * Density: 2.68 g/cm3 (0.097 lb/in3) * Melting point: 572-602°F (300-320°C) * Coefficient of thermal expansion: 23 x 10^-6/°C (20-100°C) * Thermal conductivity: 111 W/m.K * Modulus of elasticity: 69 GPa (10 x 10^6 psi)

Tensile strength - 45-55 ksi

Yield strength- 40-45 ksi

Elongation- 15-20%

Hardness (Brinell)- 45-55 HB

Modulus of Elasticity- 10.2 x 10^3 ksi

Shear strength- 30-35 ksi

Fatigue strength- 20-25 ksi

Compressive strength -80-90 ksi

Aluminium 5086 Tubing is corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for many applications.

The Price Range For Aluminium 5086 Tubing Products Is ₹250 To ₹280 Per Kilogram.

European Standard - AW-AlMg4

WNr - 3.3545

UNS - A95086

ISO - AlMg4

USA - AA5086


No, Aluminium 5086 Tubing is corrosion-resistant and will not rust.

Aluminium 5086 Tubing offers a number of benefits, including good formability and weldability, high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres.

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