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5154 Aluminum Cross Pipe Fittings are composed primarily of aluminum, making it an ideal material for various plumbing applications. These pipe fittings also contain other elements, including magnesium and manganese, to give the metal extra strength and rigidity. Thanks to this extraordinary combination of materials, Aluminium 5154 Cross Pipe Fittings are resistant to corrosion and highly lightweight - two traits that make them perfect for carrying wastewater more efficiently throughout buildings.

Aluminum Cross Pipe Fittings 5154 are the perfect choice for your various pipe needs. This material is corrosion- and rust-resistant has a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio, and is highly durable to withstand even the most extreme conditions. These fittings also have excellent pressure and temperature stability and forming and machining properties. Due to their distinctive designs and high appeal, they can be used in various industries, including automotive, marine, telecom, manufacturing, and many more. With all these desirable attributes, Aluminium 5154 Cross Pipe Fittings are undoubtedly an excellent choice for any project which requires reliable yet flexible pipes.

FAQ's for Aluminium 5154 Cross Pipe Fittings

Aluminium 5154 Cross Pipe Fittings are used in plumbing and industrial applications as they provide a secure connection between pipes. Their corrosion resistant properties make them suitable for both hot and cold water installations. They can also be used in HVAC, electrical, automotive, and heavy equipment applications.

Aluminium 5154 Cross Pipe Fittings have a pressure rating of up to 300 psi, depending on the pipe diameter and wall thickness. They are suitable for use with steam and air conditioning systems provided the temperature does not exceed 250°F.

Aluminum 5154 Cross Pipe Fittings Starts At Rs90/Kg To Rs150/Kg

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