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So, you are thinking of buying Aluminum 5154 forged fittings but wait before you buy such fittings it is important for you to know about its specification and certification. From the name itself you can understand that these fittings are manufactured using an aluminum alloy that is considered best for the exceptional and excellent properties. These forged fittings are manufactured using the best quality of raw material that is tested and inspected by quality experts and inspection agency. With it, they even offer raw material and mill test certificate. These fittings meet international and national standards and specifications including ASTM, ASME.




People often buy Aluminum 5154 threaded forged fittings as these fittings are manufactured using best material further, different tests are done to assure products quality and durability. There are various tests done such as mill test, hardness test, radiography test, macro and micro test and flattening test. These fittings are available in different shapes and sizes such as tee, reducers, caps, and cross as per customer’s requirement and request. However, to prevent these fittings from rust and damages they are packed in best quality of wooden cases.

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