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Aluminium 5154 Pipe Fittings are composed of 95.3% aluminium, 2.0% magnesium, and 1.5% manganese, with trace amounts of chromium and iron present. This alloy is strong yet lightweight, making it an ideal choice for pipe fittings applications. It has excellent corrosion resistance in both acidic and alkaline environments and can maintain its mechanical properties at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for welding operations or other extreme temperature applications.

Aluminium 5154 Seamless Pipe Fittings are commonly used in a variety of applications due to their superior strength and corrosion resistance. They have excellent weldability and fatigue strength, making them suitable for aerospace components. Additionally, their corrosion resistance makes them ideal for use in marine environments such as docks and piers. Their high-temperature strength also makes them suitable for industrial furnace applications, such as food processing machinery or fuel tanks. Aluminium Alloy 5154 Welded pipe fittings have excellent mechanical properties even when exposed to high temperatures and may be used in welding operations or other extreme temperature applications.

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