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Aluminum can be termed as the most versatile element of all times. It is used in domestic as well as industrial sector on a large scale. Though there are many uses of aluminum but it is greatly used in form of Aluminum 6061 plates. The number 6061 represents its grade which is an indication of its strength, chemical and mechanical composition. The Aluminum plates 6061 are known for their amazing resistance to corrosion and excellent formability. They also possess good mechanical properties and a fine acceptance to anodizing and other coatings applied. Though the 6061 aluminum plates have best and highest corrosion resistance they are said to have lower strength but good electrical conductivity.


As it was mentioned that it is versatile element and can be applied to a number of uses, some of the uses of Aluminum 6061 plates are in frames, manufacture of fixtures, jigs, machine parts, fuse parts, brackets, base plates, fuse parts, fasteners, electrical fittings and connecters, gear parts, hydraulic valve bodies, marine fittings and hardware, appliance fittings and camera lens mounts etc. They have best machinability and weldability.

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