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Aluminium 6061 tubing is an incredibly popular choice for many projects due to its corrosion resistance, strength, and lightweight properties. This material is a heat-treatable alloy of metals like magnesium, silicon, and aluminium. Its other components include vanadium, manganese, chromium, titanium, copper, and zinc. It generally has a tensile strength ranging from 21 - 42 kilo Pascal with a yield strength of 11 - 25 kilo Pascal depending on the effort put into making the tube. As it's a strong metal mainly composed of aluminium that doesn't lose much by way of structural integrity when exposed to outside elements such as water or oxygen, it is a superior choice for many applications.

6061 Aluminium tube is one of the most versatile materials, lending itself to various uses and applications. It has excellent corrosion resistance and a good strength-to-weight ratio, meaning it is incredibly strong but also lightweight, making it ideal for transportation or aircraft construction. Additionally, this tubing offers superb weldability and machinability while resistant to stress cracking. Its characteristics make it perfect for structures exposed to salt water or corrosive environments, such as swimming pools or marine vessels. Aluminium 6061-grade tubing can also be used in fencing, architectural applications, signposts and more due to its low maintenance requirements and powerful durability.

FAQ's for Aluminium 6061 Tubing

Yes, aluminium 6061 tubing is corrosion resistant. This is due to the presence of certain alloying elements such as magnesium and copper which act as a barrier preventing oxidation. Additionally, the material's high intrinsic strength helps protect it from external environmental factors such as saltwater or industrial air pollutants. As long as the aluminium is kept clean and regularly maintained, it should remain corrosion-resistant for many years to come.

No, the aluminium 6061 tubing is not magnetic. Aluminium is a non-ferrous metal which means it does not contain iron and, therefore, cannot be attracted to a magnet. This property makes aluminium 6061 tubings an ideal choice for components which need to be electrically conductive but not magnetized.

Aluminium 6061 Tubing  Starts At Rs 320/Kg To Rs 380/Kg

The impact strength of aluminium alloy 6061 tubings is rated at 16 ft-lbs. This makes it substantially higher than other aluminium alloys, allowing it to resist wear and tear under high-strain conditions. Its superior impact strength also makes it a popular choice for vehicle parts, frames and components that must withstand shock and vibration over time.

Aluminium 6061 tubing is widely used in a variety of structural applications and is commonly found in aircraft construction. It is also used in bicycle frames and fishing rods, as well as industrial components such as handrails, support columns, and truck trailers.

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