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Aluminium 6063 90-Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings are typically composed of a blend of Manganese, Magnesium and Silicon – which combine to create a lightweight yet solid material. This composition makes them ideal for marine, electrical and automotive engineering applications due to their high corrosion resistance and extreme cold formability. Additionally, the lightweight of Aluminium 6063 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings makes them relatively easy to assemble, thereby leading to considerable cost savings during manufacturing.

Aluminium 6063 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings are commonly used in plumbing and drainage systems. They are designed to provide a tight seal between pipes when changing direction. Some of the main properties of Aluminium 6063 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings include lightweight, robustness, corrosion resistance and excellent conductivity. These fittings are often found in cooling and air-conditioning systems due to their ability to offer excellent thermal insulation while at the same time allowing welding with ease. In addition to these applications, they also find use in various other projects, such as electroplating. The unique combination of durability, flexibility and affordability makes them popular among DIY enthusiasts, contractors and industry professionals.

FAQ's for Aluminium 6063 90° Elbow Pipe Fittings

Aluminium 6063 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings Starts At Rs 250/Piece To Rs 300/Piece

No, Aluminium 6063 90 Degree Elbow Pipe Fittings are highly resistant to rust and corrosion due to their unique chemical composition. This type of aluminium alloy is not only weather-resistant but also offers significant mechanical strength, making it an ideal choice for pipe fittings.

The pressure rating of aluminum 6063 90 degree elbow pipe fittings is up to 5,000 psi depending on the size.

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