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Aluminium 6063 Bars

Aluminium 6063 Bars are a type of aluminium alloy with a significant amount of silicon and magnesium. It is the most commonly used alloy in the extrusion industry, primarily due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties and its low cost. The chemical composition for this type of aluminium includes 0.3-0.6% Si, 0.45-0.90% Mg, <0.7% Fe (iron), <0.50% Cu (copper), <0,40 Zn (zinc) <1%, Mn(manganese), Ti (titanium) and other trace elements which may include chromium or nickel for some applications as well as other unlisted impurities that must not exceed 0,05%.


, it has good corrosion resistance properties. 6063 Bars are used in structural applications, such as transportation and fabrication industries, due to their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. It has good corrosion resistance properties when exposed to air, sea water, and certain chemicals. It can also be easily machined or welded for further customisation of its uses. Furthermore, it has excellent electrical, thermal, and thermal conductivity, making due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium seawater, which makes it suitable for many industrial applications.

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