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Aluminium 6082 Bars

Aluminium 6082 Bars are used for various applications, including manufacturing, engineering, and construction. They have excellent weldability, a good strength-to-weight ratio and are corrosion-resistant. They also possess high machinability properties, good formability characteristics, and good surface finishes. Additionally, they offer great electrical conductivity, making them ideal for electrical applications such as wiring and cabling systems.

Aluminium 6082 is an alloy of 2.7 to 3.3 per cent magnesium, 0.5-1.0 per cent manganese and the remainder of aluminium with traces of silicon, iron, copper, chromium and zinc as minor constituents. It has excellent machinability with improved corrosion resistance compared to 6061 alloys and good weldability properties thanks to its high levels of silicon and magnesium content in its composition. This makes it an ideal choice for structural components such as marine fittings and aircraft components due to its strength, weight savings & durability features combined with the rustproof capabilities of aluminium itself! To access a comprehensive brass ferrule price list, visit your chosen supplier's website or contact them directly. Prices for brass ferrules can fluctuate based on size, quantity, and current market conditions.

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