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Aluminum is a highly versatile alloy with medium strength and an excellent corrosion resistant element. Aluminum products are manufactured in different grades and the grades of 6000 series are known to have the best and highest strength among all the other grades of this alloy.  The Aluminum plates 6082 are known to be made up from structural alloy and are most commonly used for the applications in machining.  The Aluminum 6082 Plates are said to posses higher strength than that of 6061 in various applications. The 6082 grade has a higher composition of manganese giving it a controlled grain structure making it an even strong alloy.


Though it can be applied to a number of uses, this alloy makes it difficult to produce the complicated and thin walled extrusion shapes as it cannot give a smooth finish like other alloys of this grade. The Aluminum 6082 Sheets alloy is typically used in the manufacturing of trusses, beer barrels, cranes, highly stressed applications, skips and milk churns etc.  It is generally available in t6, O, t4 AND T651 tempers having different properties.

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