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Aluminium 7050 Wires

Aluminium 7050 Wires are an alloy of aluminium, zinc, and magnesium formed to increase strength and improve hardness. It is primarily used in high-stress applications such as aerospace components. Its composition consists of 97% aluminium, 2.0-2.7% zinc, 0.5-1.2% copper, 0.25-0.4% manganese, 0.20-0.35% chromium, 0–0.12 % titanium, plus traces of other elements like nickel and iron. It also has excellent corrosion resistance due to its high-grade surface treatment processes, making it suitable for various engineering applications when durability and performance are essential.


Aluminium 7050 wires are ideal for heavy-duty applications due to their high strength and excellent creep resistance. They also have superior corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor use. The alloy has good electrical conductivity and can resist temperatures up to 427°C (800°F). Its versatile properties make it a popular choice in the aviation industry, as well as telecommunications cables, locomotive engines, and power transmission towers. Aluminium 7050 wires come in various gauges ranging from 0.025mm to 1mm – allowing users to customize their purchase according to specific requirements.

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