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Aluminium 7075 Bars

Aluminium 7075 Bars are a heat-treated aluminium alloy designed for its superior strength and hardness. The material contains zinc as the primary alloying agent, making up to 5.6–6.1% of its composition, along with smaller amounts of magnesium (2.5–3.5%), copper (0.28–0.40%), chromium (< 0.35%), manganese (< 0.30%) and small traces of other metals like iron and silicon, among others.. This makes Aluminium 7075 Bars capable of excellent mechanical properties, including wear resistance, flexibility and fatigue strength, while maintaining good levels of corrosion resistance in certain environments!


Aluminium 7075 bars are primarily used in the aerospace industry due to their extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Their properties include excellent fatigue resistance, good machinability and weldability, moderate corrosion resistance, and good formability. They also have superior stress cracks and corrosive resistance when exposed to marine atmospheres or other environmental conditions. Aluminium 7075 bars can be easily formed into complex shapes, making them an ideal choice for aircraft parts with extreme complexity or tight tolerances.

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