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Aluminum 7075 tubing is an alloy consisting primarily of aluminum, along with zinc and magnesium. This combination of metals results in a strong, durable material that has been used for heavy-duty construction for decades. It can be found in automotive parts and aircraft components due to its lightweight and resistance to rusting and corrosion, making it ideal for use in extreme conditions. The aluminum's fine grain structure ensures high resistance to fatigue cracking and stress corrosion cracking, giving the additional tubing strength that surpasses many other metals. With its excellent formability and weldability, Aluminium 7075 tubing is the go-to choice when seeking optimal performance in demanding applications.

7075 Aluminium Tubing is a popular option for those looking for lightweight and durable metal tubing due to its tensile strength being higher than most grades of steel. It is commonly used in the aerospace, marine, automobile, and electronics industries because of its corrosion-resistant properties. Furthermore, it is a cost-effective choice when compared to other metals, as it is easy to cut and shape with relatively simple machinery. Some additional uses of Aluminium Tubing include fabrication projects such as furniture frames and exercise equipment, as well as architectural applications such as handrailings and balustrades. Ideal for construction professionals and handymen alike, Aluminium 7075 Tubing provides versatility like no other product on the market.

FAQ's for Aluminium 7075 Tubing

Aluminium 7075 Tubing Start From Rs. 350/Kilogram To Rs. 400/Kilogram.

The maximum recommended operating temperature for Aluminium 7075 Tubing is 500°F. Higher temperatures may damage the tubing and reduce its strength, so always make sure to stay within this limit when using these products.

Aluminum 7075 Tubing is generally resistant to most forms of corrosion, including rust. However, it is important to note that aluminum can still corrode if exposed to water for long periods of time, or when exposed to acidic or salty environments. It is also possible for the surface of the tubing to be affected by oxidation in such conditions.

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