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Aluminium 8011 Coils

Aluminium Alloy 8011 Coils are a type of highly-durable aluminium product. Commonly used in manufacturing automobiles, cookware and kitchen utensils, these coils offer superior corrosion resistance and lightweight strength. The composition of Aluminum Alloy 8011 Coils includes elements such as magnesium (0.8%), silicon (0.5-1%), copper (max 0.2%) and zinc (max 0.25%). It is also relatively ductile compared to other alloys, allowing it to be subjected to pressure without splintering or deforming substantially.


Aluminium Alloy 8011 Coils are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries due to their excellent corrosion resistance, elongation rate, tensile strength, and cost-effectiveness. It is also lightweight yet strong enough for most applications. It also has good electrical conductivity and thermal insulation properties, protecting against sparks and heat loss in these critical-use fields.

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