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Aluminium Alloy 6082 Angle

Aluminum Alloy 6082 Angle is an extrusion profile of a heat-treatable aluminium alloy. Its main components are manganese, silicon, iron, magnesium, and copper. It has excellent formability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for construction projects such as decking or framing support. Its low weight and high strength-to-weight ratio are also used in automotive fabrication applications.


Aluminum Alloy 6082 Angle has many applications, including transportation, automobile manufacturing, and general engineering. It offers excellent machinability and strong weldability. This alloy also has superb corrosion resistance properties and can maintain strength over a wide temperature range from -80°F to 400°F. Its high-strength characteristics are ideal for structures where lightness is desired without sacrificing strength or resilience.

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