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Aluminium Bronze Bolts

Aluminium Bronze bolts are made from an alloy of copper, aluminium, iron and one other alloying element. The content of aluminium in this alloy ranges from 5 to 11%. The other elements present usually include nickel, tin, or silicon. Aluminium bronze has a good strength-to-weight ratio, good seawater and freshwater corrosion resistance, and excellent bearing properties due to its low coefficient of friction. As such, they are widely used in the marine industry and bearings where longevity is essential; they even have self-lubricating qualities, making them perfect for marine applications such as ships' engines.

Aluminium Bronze Bolts are well-suited for demanding applications in corrosive settings. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, Aluminium Bronze Bolts possess exceptional physical properties, such as high-strength compositions and excellent wear resistance. Aluminium Bronze Bolts are often used for components exposed to salt water, including marine equipment like propellers and other highly stressed applications. On top of these uses, the bolts can be found in hydraulic valves, pressure vessels and pump components due to their excellent corrosion protection properties. The B124 alloy is the most common type of Aluminium Bronze Bolt out there. It contains aluminium and iron content, making it especially durable compared to other bolt metals. Finally, Aluminium Bronze Bolts have great casting properties allowing them to be manufactured commercially with a solidify/shake-out time you won't find elsewhere.

FAQ's for Aluminium Bronze Bolts

The density of Aluminium Bronze Bolts is approximately 7.1 g/cm3.

MIG welding is the recommended welding type for working with Aluminum Bronze Bolts. This method offers easy operation and precise control over weld quality.





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