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Aluminium Bronze C60800 Nuts is used in applications where their immune to corrosion makes them preferable to another engineering substance. This aluminum bronze product is designated as UNS C95200. It is the metal where aluminum is said to be the key alloying matter in combination with Copper. At the top, due to its high tarnish resistance as well as golden color, it is used in architecture and for jewelry. It has moderate solderability and weldability and even it can be brazed with this, the strength of it can be raised up by heat treating as well. It is being supplied by manufactures and reliable companies for household objectives as well.


With the help of the ultra modern unit and modular techniques, it is made under the regulation of professionals. It can be picked up from the certified companies at best rates. It has great uses in the world of industry and the specifications of its kept according to the international standards quality.  The size of it is starting from ¼ and ending at 2” and others on request. Aluminium Bronze C60800 Nuts is rough and tough.

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