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Today well renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminium Bronze C60800 Screw are working in a better way to satisfy the wants of their esteem customers. The producers no doubt make use of high graded material to assure that these screws are produced well to be easily fit in various applications. Today they are supplying it globally at reasonable rates. With through various inspections the organization is fully involved in offering their customer with wide range of these bronze screws.  They driven with perfection are able to offer customers exclusive range of screws that can be used for various industrial and engineering applications.


Aluminium Bronze is the kind of bronze wherein the aluminium is main alloy that is added to copper contrasting to brass or standard bronze. Aluminium Bronze C60800 screw is having stronger properties like resistance to corrosion and greater strength because of high content of aluminum and iron. Varieties of aluminum bronze of various composition is being found as they are tarnish resistance and is showing slow corrosion rate in the atmospheric condition and low oxidation rate at greater temperature. These grade screws standard specifications are DIN, BS, ASME, JIS etc.

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