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Aluminium Bronze C60800 screw is a type of copper-based alloy composed mainly of copper (89-91%) and aluminum (5-7%). Other elements that can be found in trace amounts include iron, nickel, manganese , and silicon. The addition of aluminum to copper improves its mechanical properties, making it ideal for use in high-stress applications such as screw manufacturing. The high copper content provides good corrosion resistance, while aluminum enhances its strength and wear resistance. The C60800 designation refers to its specific composition, according to the Unified Numbering System for metals and alloys.

The C60800 Aluminium Bronze screw is widely used in a variety of industrial applications due to its exceptional properties. Its high strength and wear resistance make it ideal for use in heavy-duty machinery, marine equipment, and oil and gas industries. It is also resistant to corrosion in harsh environments, making it a suitable choice for offshore and coastal applications. In addition, its good electrical conductivity makes it useful in electrical and electronic components. Its high resistance to stress and high-temperature oxidation makes it a suitable choice for high-heat applications. These properties, combined with its ability to retain its strength and hardness at high temperatures, make Aluminium Bronze C60800 screw a versatile and reliable option for many demanding industrial applications.

FAQ's for Aluminium Bronze C60800 Screw

Aluminium Bronze C60800 Screws are commonly used in marine, offshore and industrial applications due to their high resistance to corrosion and erosion.

Aluminium Bronze C60800 Screws are available in various standard sizes and lengths, ranging from M2 to M24 and up to 300mm in length. Custom sizes and lengths can also be manufactured as per customer requirements.

The standard thread type for Aluminium Bronze C60800 Screws is Unified National Coarse (UNC).

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