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Aluminium Bronze C61000 bolts are known for their strength and corrosion resistance, thanks to their unique chemical composition. These bolts contain a mixture of Aluminum (8.5-10% by mass), Copper (89.5-91% by mass), and Iron (0.3-1% by mass). In addition, small amounts of Nickel, Manganese , and Silicon may be present in the alloy for additional strength and resistance to corrosion. Utilizing this combination of metals allows Aluminium Bronze C61000 bolts to outlast other fasteners in harsh environments such as those near salt water or other corrosive materials.

C61000 Aluminium Bronze Bolts are an incredibly versatile and strong material, making them a popular choice for many different applications. These bolts are used in environments where they may be exposed to high temps, harsh chemicals, and marine environments. They offer excellent resistance to corrosion, excellent strength values at both low and high temperatures, as well as being non-magnetic. Due to their strong physical properties, Aluminium Bronze C61000 Bolts are ideal for use in bridge building, architectural structures, as well as naval vessels. In addition, they can also be used in chemical plants or water treatment facilities due to their superior resistance to corrosion from chemicals and saltwater.

FAQ's for Aluminium Bronze C61000 Bolts

Aluminium Bronze C61000 Bolts Starts At Rs 10/Piece To Rs 30/Piece.

Yes, Aluminium Bronze C61000 bolts are very strong, have excellent fatigue strength and yield strength, and good ductility.

Aluminum bronze C61000 is a type of bronze alloy that has different properties than other metallic bronzes. It has higher corrosion resistance, better wear resistance, and higher strength.

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