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Buying Aluminum Bronze C61000 Bolts brings the limited number of features and boons with it. These are the most typical alloy and belong to the cast aluminum bronze family. They are now being used in a lot of heavy duty applications. These bolts are generally recommended for high wear applications as well as high load applications that need good ductility, buckle in overload conditions, and resistance to fatigue, tensile strength, and weldability.  They are used in applications like machine tool ways and heavy duty sleeve bearings. These bronze castings have outstanding toughness, good welding and casting features. They hold property resistance to seawater and no need to take care for long term.


Aluminum Bronze C61000 Bolts are considered to be best and reliable for industrial applications such as petrochemical, fertilizer, power plant and many more. As the uses and scopes of industrial increases, the uses of these bolts are also on the peak. You just have to install it and then tight one object to another one using it.  They will never lose, once they get tighten. Also, corrosion resistant oil is applied over its both inner and outer layer, it gets not damaged soon.

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