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Aluminium bronze C61000 nuts are mostly used in the engineering works. Because of its durability and the resistance ability to corrosive environment it is widely used.  It is retendered in different sizes and dimensions as per the client’s requirements. ASTM B111, ASME SB 111, EN 12451 is the standard using in the manufacturing of nuts. Nuts are available in different thread grades so, that it will tighten in bolts. Hex shape, acorn shape, T shape, U shape are some of the shapes of nuts. These nuts are available in various metric sizes for every purpose and requirement.


What are advantages of aluminum bronze nuts?


Nuts are designed for the long term use. High tech machineries and advanced technology are used for manufacturing Aluminium bronze C61000 nuts. Quality and tested raw materials used in production which guaranteed the best quality of nuts. Production is done under trained professionals who are expert in the best quality of nuts. All the products go with strict inspection ensures the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of nuts. You can buy these nuts for the best performance.

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