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Ready to meet the toughest of challenges, Aluminium Bronze C61000 Stud Bolts are created with a unique combination of metals that allows them to remain sturdy and steadfast where other bolts may fail. This special alloy combines copper at 93.0 percent, aluminum at 6.0 percent, and a small trace of iron at 0.2 percent to produce an impressive stud bolt that promises superior corrosion resistance in most applications. With superior corrosion protection features and incredible strength, these bolts will be a dependable choice for any application requiring maximum performance standards and longevity.

C61000 Aluminium Bronze Stud Bolts are used in a range of industrial applications due to their high strength and excellent corrosion resistance. This alloy has superior mechanical properties due to the addition of aluminum and iron and is suitable for use in both submersible and aboveground applications, offering superior protection from rust and corrosion when compared with other options. Highly resistant to seawater and brine, this alloy is often used in the marine industry for underwater fittings as well as roof components of buildings located near sea level. Aluminum bronze also maintains its strength at high temperatures, making it suitable for use in the production of machinery components. Its strength allows for a slim profile design that requires less space than traditional metals, allowing for increased energy efficiency.

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