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The aluminium bronze stud bolts are of extreme importance. These are manufactured in various sizes depending upon the requirements. The most common shapes are square, flat bars, hexagon, rectangular bars and many more. Aluminium Bronze C61000  Stud Bolts are being used for various applications ranging from architecture, industrial and other purposes. The chemical composition of these are 6-8% of aluminium, 0.50% iron, 0.10% of silicon, 0.20% zinc, 0.02% lead and the remaining is copper. The specific gravity is 7.78g/cm3 and the electrical conductivity is 15% at 68F and the modulus of elasticity in tension which is 17000ksi. The dimension and sizes can be customized accordingly. It is an engineering alloy having elegant gold color, can be used for decorative purposes. These bolts have good hot and cold workability. There are wide ranges of applications to which it can be very well used for. These are being produced on the basis on the international standards and hence the quality of it will of highly good in nature. These are widely being utilized for brushing bearings which is done in the aerospace industries.

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