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Aluminium bronze washer has the resistance to oxidation at high corrosion and temperatures, particularly by the dilute acids it makes useful for pickling the equipment and other services that are exposure to hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and dilute sulfuric acid. Manufacturers use the high quality of the aluminum and bronze materials with the aid of the advanced technology by ensuring the defect free ones. The Aluminium bronze is available at different types and models where each Aluminium bronze metal is used for the different purpose and in different industries.


Some of the Aluminium bronze metals are C36000, C27400, C26000 and C37710 in which the Aluminium Bronze C61000 Washer is manufactured by using the heavy duty machines and the manufacturers use the high quality of the materials so the aluminum bronze washer will be providing the all kinds of the benefits namely resistance towards corrosion. The architecture of this bronze metal is of decorative applications and it is used in the industrial area like pump parts, welding wire, overlay on steel for wearing surface, shafts and tie rods. This aluminum bronze is used for the several purposes and it is mainly used for electrode welding.

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