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Suppliers are selling out Fasteners Aluminium Bronze C62300 at the best rate to the domestic clients globally. These fasteners are mostly used for their excellent corrosion resistance, high strength as well as wear resistance. This nickel and aluminum product covers non-vacuum mode cast as well. Aluminum bronze is a kind of bronze under which aluminum is said to be the key alloying metal added to copper. It has powerful properties of corrosion resistance as well as the strength because of its high iron and aluminum content. This is used in plumbing, marine, and industrial applications as well. This fastener often shows resistance to corrosion under high-temperature conditions.


Its Specifications-

The size of Fasteners Aluminium Bronze C62300 is staring from ¼ and ends at 2” and the specification of it is ASTM and other international quality of standards. It is extremely light in weight and has non breakable features for a long time. Also, it is used to fix object to another object tightly. Out of this, different testing methods are applied to it to assure its optimum quality and flawlessness.

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