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These are an alloy consisting of about 6% of nickel and iron and about 9-12% of aluminium. This consists of high wear and corrosion and high strength. The aluminium bronze C62300 Stud bolt has good corrosion and acid resistance as well. One of the major areas where these kinds of fasteners are being employed are in valve and pump components for industrial process streams, marine equipments, high resistance fasteners and pole line hardware.  The high strength fasteners are used in the areas of aerospace, chemical equipments and many more. These fasteners are being produced in metric and imperial systems. The chemical property helps in better understanding of the fasteners. It consists of 88.5-91.5% of copper, 6.0-7.5% of aluminium, 2-3% of iron, 0.02-0.05% of tin, less than 0.1% of manganese, less than 0.05% of zinc and others accordingly. The tensile strength of the stud bolt is 540 MPa and  its elongation property is 35% and the area of reduction is 25%.   The fatigue strength is 180 MPa whereas the elastic modulus is 117GPa. And the Poisson’s ratio of the stud bolt is 0.34.


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