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The Aluminium bronze fasteners are manufactured and stock in variety of the sizes and forms that includes the hex nuts, stud bolts, hex bolts, regular hex bolts, split lock washers, countersunk screws, plain washer, dowel pins, threaded rods etc. The high strength alloy fasteners are used in the chemical processing equipment, used in the field of aerospace, building marine equipment etc. There are many manufacturers are available where they produce the aluminum bronze fasteners in the imperial and metric system. The following are some of the alloy C62300 fasteners.


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Among them the Aluminium Bronze C62300 washer is found to be the one of the best and it is available at different grades where each grades of the metal are high in terms of the quality, resistance and strength. The tensile strength of the Aluminium bronze C62300 is found to be 540 is high and good when compared to its fatigue strength 180 MPa. The reduction area of this aluminum bronze is of 25% only and it is very low when compared to other aluminum alloys.

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