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Aluminium Bronze C63000 Coil

Aluminium bronze C63000 is a copper-based alloy made of copper, aluminium and other elements. It has excellent corrosion resistance characteristics making it ideal for marine applications such as propellers, shafting, valves and bearing bushes. Its chemical composition includes 88-91% copper, 8-10% aluminium with major additions like nickel and iron to improve its strength properties. This alloy is weldable, nonmagnetic and strong which makes it the first choice among industries like oil refineries, agrochemical plants & pipelines requiring superior performance in harsh conditions.


Aluminium Bronze C63000 Coil is an alloy of copper, nickel and aluminum with excellent corrosion resistance. It has high mechanical strength, ductility, good weldability and design flexibility in lower temperature applications. This alloy material can be used in the production of connectors, fasteners, valve components, thrust washers and other engineering parts subject to harsh conditions like pollution or abrasion. It also works well for sea water service due to its superior corrosion resistance compared with other bronze alloys.

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