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Aluminium Bronze C63000 Screw offers outstanding resistance to corrosion, abrasive wear as well as exceptional toughness. It is made from the elements such as nickel, bronze, copper, and aluminum. The element “nickel” is used in it boots its strength without reducing its ductility. It gives good performance in numbers of applications like heavy loads. It is used in the application such as oil or gas industry, landing gear components, ship propeller components, marine bolts as well as aircraft. It is very cost-effective and now it is available with both offline and online sellers. It will surely fulfill your needs and demands, which you had from.


The dimension of it is from 15.0 mm to 125 mm and the standards are DIN, BS, ASME, ASTM and all international standards. The key points of Aluminium Bronze C63000 Screw are – rust or dirt proof, highly durable, reliable, accurate dimension as well as simple to fit. As compared to other grades, it has the high tensile strength and good conductivity. After seeing the day by day increasing needs of customers for the screw, it is now being sold out in custom-made or cut to length option.

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