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The aluminium bronze bolts are high strength copper aluminum alloys, it provides excellent toughness, resistance to corrosion, abrasive wear and friction. In this the nickel composition increases the strength without decreasing the ductility of the aluminium element. These are very good performers in many applications including those which involves heavy loads. Aluminium Bronze C63000 Stud Bolts is used in numerous applications where there is requirement of resistance to corrosion. The applications in which these are being made use of includes landing gear components on the aircraft, marine bolts/ nuts, ship propeller components, parts for oil& gas industries and many more. The chemical analysis of these bolts are 9-11% of aluminium, 4-5.5% of nickel, 2-4% iron, 1.5% magnesium, 0.25% of silicon and many more. The tensile strength of the stud bolt is 690N/mm2 and the elongation property is 5%. These are being produced by incorporating the international standards. These bolts are being employed can provide real strength to the elements. It has a very good withstanding ability and as a result of which it is being used in many applications. These are high rated stud bolts which are used in areas where there is a huge requirement of strength and capacity.

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