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Aluminium Bronze ASTM B150 C63000 is an alloy which is high strength copper aluminum alloy that offers the excellent toughness, friction and abrasive wear as well as resistance to corrosion. The Aluminium Bronze C63000 washer got this strength because it has high value of nickel and this increases the strength without decreasing the ductility of the Aluminium Bronze. In which this aluminum alloy is a good performer in many applications that involves in the heavy loads. This bronze application includes such as marine bolts and nuts, landing gear components on aircraft, parts for the gas and oil industry and in ship propeller components.


This Aluminium bronze alloys are specialized in the exotic metals and have supplied in major UK companies in the ASTM B150 and C63000 nuts and bolts etc. The Aluminium bronze alloys are used in the heavy application areas and these alloys are manufactured by more companies and are exported to many countries across the world. The Aluminium Bronze C63000 washer is popular due to its high tensile strength and resistance towards the corrosion and acid materials where it can be used for the heavy duty applications.

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