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Aluminium Bronze C95600 Coil

Aluminum bronze C95600 is an alloy made from a combination of aluminum (Al) and copper (Cu). It also contains iron, nickel, and manganese alloying elements. This material offers excellent corrosion resistance in saltwater environments as well as high strength and toughness. Moreover, its unique properties allow it to stand up to the toughest demands and handle heavy loads without deformation or breakage. These characteristics make Aluminum Bronze C95600 ideal for applications requiring wear-resistance parts such as pump shafts, industrial valve seals, gears, thrust bearings etc.

Aluminium Bronze C95600 Coil is an alloy of copper and aluminum which offers superior corrosion resistance and excellent strength-to-weight ratio for many applications. It has good machinability, weldability, electrical conductivity, hardness; and it can tolerate extreme temperatures without loss of physical properties. Its anti-fouling qualities make it suitable for marine applications such as boat propellers & shafts; while its high formability enables manufacture of complex components in the sheet or coil form. The combination of structural integrity along with reliable performance in harsh environments makes Aluminium Bronze C95600 Coil an ideal choice for industries ranging from sea water piping systems to heat exchangers.

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