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The aluminium bronze fasteners are of very much importance. These kinds of fasteners are being manufactured and produced in various sizes and forms. Some of the known varieties are regular hex bolts, hex nuts, screws, dowel pins and many more. Aluminium Bronze C95600 Stud Bolts are used in numerous applications and based on the industrial requirements, they are manufactured accordingly. Some of the areas where these kinds of fasteners are being employed are in the areas of aerospace building, marine equipments, chemical processing equipments and many more. These fasteners are being produced in metric and imperial systems on the international standards. The chemical composition of the fasteners helps us in understanding of the property of the fasteners. The aluminium bronze fasteners consist of 6-8% of aluminium, more than 88% of copper, 0.25% of nickel and that of 1.8-3.3% of silicon. All the fasteners have unique mechanical property which differentiates one from other. The elastic modulus of these fasteners is 117GPa and the Poisson’s ratio is 0.34. It has a unique elongation property of 18%. The hardness is 140 and machinability is 60.

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