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Aluminium Bronze Fasteners

Aluminium Bronze Fasteners comprise a unique blend of roughly 85-90% copper with 10-15% aluminum and small amounts of other metals such as iron and manganese. Aluminium bronze fasteners offer several advantages over standard brass fasteners due to their increased strength, corrosion resistance, and antiviral qualities. The addition of aluminum in these alloy materials makes them harder to work with, but it also results in a stronger material suitable for use in industrial applications such as marine engineering and hot salt water applications, where harsh conditions can require more resilience from fastening products. Additionally, the high copper content makes these metal parts well-suited for outdoor environments where the corrosive effects of the environment can be greatly reduced compared to those made from less robust alloys.

Bronze Aluminium Fasteners boast several beneficial properties, making them ideal for various applications and industries. These fasteners are especially corrosion-resistant, even in marine environments, and are resistant to wear and shock. They possess superior heat dissipation capabilities that make them well-suited for high-temperature applications such as oil refining and power generation; as a result, these fasteners can withstand thermal expansion rates far beyond other materials. Additionally, Aluminium Bronze Fasteners have high electrical conductivity; therefore, they can dissipate electrical arcs often encountered in heavy machine operation or maintenance tasks. All in all, due to their various advantageous uses and properties, Aluminium Bronze Fasteners are an excellent choice for jobs requiring strength and durability



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