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Aluminium Bronze Nuts

Aluminium Bronze Nuts, also known as AlBronze, are popular for many fastening applications due to their high strength and corrosion-resistant properties. The unique chemical composition of AlBronze nuts includes copper (95%), aluminium (2-3%), iron (0.2-1.5%) and sometimes other elements such as manganese to balance the composition, improve ductility and control heat treatment. The addition of aluminium results in an increase in hardness as well as good wear resistance. This makes AlBronzeNuts highly suitable for mechanical components, particularly those exposed to water and seawater dirty or acidic environments. Other benefits include outstanding load-bearing performance even under extreme conditions and excellent electrical conductivity, making them a preferred choice in networking and communication systems.

Aluminium Bronze Nuts are renowned for their durability and strength, making them superior to many other fasteners. Featuring excellent corrosion resistance in marine environments and a high level of mechanical strength, aluminium bronze nuts are perfect for use in extreme conditions. This type of nut is renowned in the oil and gas industry and maritime engineering applications thanks to its superior corrosion characteristics. Furthermore, their low electrical conductivity makes them ideal for saltwater applications. Aluminium bronze nuts are also tolerant to vibration or shock. They have an aesthetically pleasing metallic finish that helps lend versatility to lower-stress projects such as metal sculptures or furniture. In summary, aluminium bronze nuts offer a robust product for any application requiring extreme tensile strength levels with advanced corrosion resistance.



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