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Aluminium Bronze Screw

Aluminium bronze screws, alloying copper with aluminium, have distinct physical and chemical properties. For example, primary applications for this screw include corrosion resistance in seawater and alkaline environments. Aluminium Bronzes contain 9-11% aluminium and up to 6% iron and nickel. Due to its high copper content, the screws experience work hardening when tightened, enabling them to withstand higher loading levels in dynamic applications than other stainless steel alloys. Other elements present in small amounts are manganese and silicon, making this screw optimal for use as highly resistant components in extreme conditions.

Aluminium Bronze Screws offer superior material properties compared to traditional fasteners, making them a popular choice for marine and other highly corrosive environments. The corrosion resistance of aluminium bronze makes it ideal for uses such as marine applications, chemical processing, boilers and tanks, power plants, and more. Aluminium bronze screws also provide excellent mechanical strength, flexibility, impact resistance - even at low temperatures - superior thermal conductivity and fatigue strength. They resist most salts, alkaline solutions and other chemicals used in industrial facilities. They inherently have low magnetic permeability, making them suitable for use with instruments requiring non-ferrous components. With all these properties combined, Aluminium Bronze Screws provide excellent durability and long-term performance in highly corrosive or extreme temperature environments.

FAQ's for Aluminium Bronze Screw

Aluminium Bronze Screws come in a variety of sizes from #4 through 1" in diameter and lengths from 1/8" to 12".

Aluminium Bronze Screws are often used for structural, industrial and marine applications due to their strength, resistance to wear and corrosion resistance.

The pressure rating for an aluminium bronze screw can be up to 15,000 psi.

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