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Aluminium Bronze Washer

Aluminium Bronze Washer is composed of copper, aluminium, iron and nickel. High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance make it ideal for industrial environments. Its strength and wear-resistance make it popular for uses such as valves, shafts, pumps and drive systems. Its uniform crystalline structure can resist shock loading and high temperatures. Furthermore, different amounts of alloys can create variations in the chemical composition, enabling customized properties to meet various applications' needs. As a result, Aluminium Bronze Washer is an employable material in many industries such as marine engineering and chemical process plants.

Aluminium bronze washers are high-capacity fasteners utilized in heavy manufacturing. Aluminium bronze has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance due to its high copper content, making it an ideal choice for maritime engineering, chemical plants, and pipelines. Manufacturing with aluminium bronze washers is incredibly durable and efficient because the metal remains solid even under extreme pressure and stress. This is why it's one of the most commonly used materials for marine hardware such as bolts, screws and nuts. The metal also offers a reliable electrical connection pathway due to its strong resistance to electricity, which makes it suitable for use in electronics industry components or control systems applications. Aluminium bronze also comes in many shapes, from small flat washers to larger hole sizes used as anchor mounting points. With their versatility and durability, aluminium bronze washers offer incredible utility for any manufacturing project.

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