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ER5556 Aluminum Filler Wire contains more manganese and zinc with slightly more magnesium than ER 5356 Filler Wire. This gives ER5556 Aluminium Welding Wire good ductility and improved crack resistance. This wire may be used for MIG or TIG welding processes. ER5556 Aluminium Filler Wire is generally used for applications requiring higher strength when welding 5000 series alloys commonly used on base metals 5154, 5254, 5454 and 5456. The approximate melting range is 1065-1175 degrees F and the post-anodizing colour tint will be white. The ultimate tensile strength will be approximately 46,000 psi.


ER5556 Aluminum Filler Wire is used in applications like in the shipbuilding, automotive, aerospace, and railway industries. When exposed to temperatures over 65 degrees C (150 degrees F), Aluminum ER5556 Alloy Filler Wire is affected by stress corrosion cracking; however, this can be solved by using special alloys and tempers.


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